Economic Analysis

Am available for discussion. Solutions through Dialogue.

Web Site Design

Can do simple or complex web design. Database and web hosting as well as domain name registration included.

Computing & Technology Consultant.

I have completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Information Technology, from Deakin University and the University of Technology, Sydney.
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My name is Verity Carney. I am an expert in Economic Analysis and All Aspects of Computing

I undertook a PhD in Economics while I taught as an academic in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sydney. I have yet to complete my PhD – so you don’t have to call me Doctor – but I did undertake much writing during the five years of research that is particulary relevant to the world economy and directions for the future. I am an Economist and an Information Technology specialist. I have published some of my writing on this site under the Articles heading on this page. Feel free to read these articles. I hope you find them interesting and informed. I do have a vision of the future and an implicit understanding of how the contradictions in the world economy will resolve themselves. I hope to be able to contribute to the understanding of the forces of change within a constantly evolving economic system.

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